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YAPC::NA 2016 Talk

 June 21, 2016 @11:00 AM (ET)

RapidApp talk and live demo presented at YAPC::NA 2016 in Orlando, FL on June 21st.

In this talk I'll demonstrate building a new database-driven application from scratch using RapidApp. We'll start by creating a schema, then bootstrapping and customizing an application. I'll focus on the areas which consistently produce the most questions on IRC, including:

  • Lifecycle for writing and modifying database schemas
  • Extending the built-in authentication and authorization systems
  • Writing custom user permissions
  • Hooking custom code in the backend
  • Writing custom and virtualized columns
  • Creating custom grid classes and other RapidApp modules

Finally, we'll look at the latest and greatest ways to quickly deploy applications using Docker containers, with newly-available rapi/psgi RapidApp image, now on Docker Hub.

Both the slideshow itself as well as the demo application created during the talk are working PSGI apps, available on GitHub:



Demo app (built during the talk):


Tool used to replay code edits during the talk:


Run the slideshow yourself:

# Clone the repo:
git clone --recursive https://github.com/RapidApp/yn2016
cd yn2015/

# Start-up app.psgi web-server on local port 5000:
# (Note: use forward/back arrow keys to advance slides)

See also the talk page on the yapcna.org site:

For support, or to learn more about the RapidApp project, please visit the #rapidapp IRC channel on irc.perl.org