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RapidDbic "Chinook" Demo

This demo provides a tutorial of RapidApp's powerful database features, provided by the turn-key "RapidDbic" plugin. The demo shows the full process of creating a working application from scratch, using the free "Chinook" sample database (chinookdatabase.codeplex.com) for the backend.

"4-Track" Demo 

Instead of just 2 tracks ( video &  audio), like a typical turtorial video, this demo has 4 tracks video,  audio,  code and  commands. Each "frame" of the demo has been recorded with corresponding positions within the companion Git repository (i.e. commit logs) and command history file (cmd_history.sh) in which all commands, changes, commits and narrative text comments (used as "slides") have been recorded interactively throughout the demo.

For a more complete explanation of how this works, see the short intro video:  Part 1.1 - Intro.

Companion Git Repo (code & commands):


Step-by-step Command History:


Each video segment corresponds to specific commits and lines in cmd_history.sh which are shown and linked to below. For convenience, each video part is available as either a large, single video, or sub-divided into several smaller videos, as shown below.

Part 1 - Intro, Agenda & Setup

Part 1 - FULL

(Length: 9:10)
1.1 - Intro

Length: 1:41

Topics Covered:
  • Demo purpose & overview
  • Companion Git Repo
  • Explain cmd_history.sh
1.2 - Agenda

Length: 2:52

Topics Covered:
  • Full Agenda
  • Table of Contents
  • Prerequisite Knowledge
1.3 - App & Env Setup

Length: 4:36

Topics Covered:
  • Create Skeleton Catalyst App
  • Setup Git & "Commit" shotcut
  • Download & Setup Chinook SQLite DB
  • Setup DBIC Schema & Model

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Part 2 - RapidDbic Basics

Part 2 - FULL

(Length: 44:27)
2.1 - Out-of-the-box Basics

Length: 10:35

Topics Covered:
  • Setup RapidDbic
  • TabGui, navigation & RESTful URLs
  • Demo main grid features
  • Filters, Searching & Summary Functions


2.2 - Relationships

Length: 6:39

Topics Covered:
  • Single & Multi Relationship Columns
  • Joined Columns
  • TableSpecs (source metadata)
  • Display Columns

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2.3 - CRUD

Length: 14:08

Topics Covered:
  • Enabling editing
  • Relationship updates & cascades
  • Selector interfaces (grid vs combo)
  • Column-level configs (TableSpecs)

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2.4 - CRUD Options

Length: 7:30

Topics Covered:
  • Persist Immediately
  • Combinator Options
  • Demo different CRUD modes


2.5 - Virtual Columns

Length: 5:38

Topics Covered:
  • Example Virtual Column
  • Writeable Virtual Column
  • Virtual Display Column
  • Part 2 conclusion

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Part 3 - Auth & Saved Views

Coming soon...

For support, or to learn more about the RapidApp project, please visit the #rapidapp IRC channel on irc.perl.org